Metal Roofing - Wind Resistance

Wind Resistance of Metal Roofs - Houston TX

With recently devastating hurricanes such as, Ike, Katrina and Rita, wind resistance has been home and business owners major roofing concern. We’ve all seen the results of these storms, either first hand or from news reports. From Texas to Florida, most of the roofing systems that stayed on were metal. That’s because the wind resistance of most roofing products is determined by aging. Most of the “Storm damaged” roofs we saw were already subject to the damage because of their condition. They were already dry, cracked, and brittle. Their ability to withstand extreme winds was already compromised. Unlike materials such as composition and other non-permanent products, metal roofs retain their strength and therefore, their wind resistance. A 30-year-old metal roof is capable of sustaining the same winds as a brand new metal roof. This is not the  case with most other roofing materials.

Composition shingles are made of paper and fiberglass materials with tiny stones glued to the surface. From the moment these shingles are installed, the wind, weather and heat from the sun begin to break down the asphalt-based adhesives that hold these products together. This begins the process where shingles curl, crack and dry prematurely.

According to the asphalt roofing industry, the average composite roof lasts 17-19 years. Texas homeowners know this is not the case! The actual lifetime of these roofs are significantly lower with our hot climates and extreme weather conditions. However, the warranties on these products certainly do not cover the damage that results from the high winds and extreme temperatures that cut their lives short.