How is TMS beneficial for people suffering from Depression?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive treatment. This directs magnetic pulses to a particular part of the brain that has the control of the mood. This process is a painless process. In this, the magnetic pulses enter the skull and stimulate the brain cells so that there is better communication between the other parts of the brain. These are called TMS repetitive when the TMS signals are sent at regular intervals to the brain. It is still unclear how this works but it seems to have a long-lasting effect on the brain thus it is helpful in easing the depression symptoms.

Magnetic pulses used in the brain might sound scary but it is the same thing that is used in ECT and it is safe and not harmful for the body.


What is TMS used for?

Mainly TMS therapy for depression is what people know. This the only reason why TMS is used in some countries such as the US. While there are other ways even to cure depression but TMS is hard when the other methods like meditation, therapy, medicines, are proved to be ineffective. It is the best way to get away from the medicines which have severe side effects.

TMS in some European Countries are used for several reasons some are as follows:

  • OCD or anxiety disorders
  • PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Chronic pain
  • Alzheimer
  • Parkinson disease
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Nicotine addiction

TMS for depression

Depression is the state where your whole thought process changes. How you feel, think or work in daily life, everything changes. While there are people who gain their confidence by self-help, meditation, meditation or combination of these treatments. For others, it is still hopelessness and suffering. If you are one among them whose depression problem is not treatable by other methods. Then you must go for rtms therapy and treatment. TMS stimulates your brain with magnetic pulses just like antidepressants which stimulate your brain chemically.

Types of TMS devices

There are several types of TMS devices out there. Some are as follows:

  • Surface TMS: this device has 8 magnetic coils which can penetrate up to 0.6 inches in the skull to stimulate the particular area of the brain.
  • Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Also known as dTMS used a Large H coil which penetrates deep into the skull for 1.6 inches.
  • Rapid TMS device: This is helpful in solving greater depression problems which are quite serious. But the maximum time it needs is 3-6 minutes like the other devices which take around 20-30 minutes.

There are some simple devices that are passed by the FDA in the US and can be used at home all alone. Though these are not exactly TMS devices but rather known as CES units. This usually passes electric currents than the magnetic pulses to your skill for stimulation. Though the effectiveness of this device is still a debatable question. It is always better to ask your doctor for a suggestion than choosing a random treatment of your choice.

How effective is TMS?

Mostly facts that are published are for the TMS treatment. For some, it is the better version of treating depression. People who haven’t seen any changes after medication, their half problems are solved using TMS treatments. Some are fully recovered by the process.

This doesn’t imply that your depression will not return and that it is fully cured. According to research an average time period for TMS to last is a year. Therefore it is important to remember that depression not only occurs by a chemical imbalance. It is actually a combination of the biological, social and psychological factor. So just like your genetic your lifestyle, coping style, relationship, all contribute together to your depression.

So must also perform talks, diet, exercise and make a change to your lifestyle to have a long term effect of TMS.

What to expect in TMS treatment?

This treatment is relatively non-invasive, outpatient and short. That means that it doesn’t need any kind of anaesthesia or surgery. TMS is nom effective to other parts of the body as like the antidepressants. A typical TMS procedure needs 4-5 weeks visit to a clinic. Some people may return for maintenance treatments.

A TMS treatment needs 20-30 minutes. Whereas the new devices need a short time of 3 minutes to complete.

What happens during the treatment?

During the treatment, you will be made to sit on the chair comfortably. After you have your earbuds on that is when the magnetic coil is placed on your forehead. For depression, the area is the prefrontal cortex below your forehead.

Small magnetic pulses are passed through your skull to your brain. This creates a small electrical current inside which stimulate the brain.

  • You will get a sensation and will hear tapping, ticking or other such sounds in your brain.
  • You will feel a scalp discomfort during the process and sometimes after the process also.

After the TMS

After your TMS session, you can go back to your house, drive to work or do other daily activities without any problem. It will be a normal day like other days.

What are the long term effects of TMS?

It is recently found out in a survey in the US that the effect can last for ten years. This doesn’t have any negative effect on your health and is quite normal. However, this treatment can in very recent and is still new. This is the reason why there are not many studies that show it’s long term effect.

Who can’t take a TMS treatment?

TMS is not for people with other diseases. If you have metal in your brain, neck or other parts of your body. It is better not to go for TMS. This is because it used Magnetic pulses which can be harmful. This is why one with braces or dental fillings should also avoid this treatment and should choose other.

These are some facts on TMS. It is highly effective for people having depression and reduces symptoms.