Tesla Opens Company-Owned Auto Body Shops

After facing a lot of flak for the delay in the repair process of their automobiles, Tesla Inc. decided to open its auto body shops following the release of Tesla Model S. Earlier in case of damage the car owners were directed to Tesla approved body shops which had a reputation for taking longer than normal time. This increased the overall cost of the repair which was already high due to the aluminium construction and parts scarcity of the Model S. Addressing these problems, Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the annual meeting of June 2017 suggested opening its own company-owned auto body shops. As a result, now there are company-owned collision repair centres in nine cities across the country. They are much quicker and efficient than the third-party body shops and complete repairs in as a short time of a mere 24 hours. At present, they focus on repairing only 3 models: Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The nine current locations are areas of Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Washington, Houston, Las Vegas, and Seattle. These repair shops for the time being only specialize in minor repairs and light collision work and exclude major repairs. If the damage is major then the customer will be directed to the body repair shops approved by Tesla.

Tesla auto body repair unit amends and updates the operating standards at any time to ensure that the body repair program caters the best level of service to the customers.

Elon Musk tweeted, “Tesla collision repair specializes in three. Having all parts in stock & not waiting for insurance approval also make a world of difference.”


The objective of the Tesla Body repair are given below

  • Quality: The quality of the repair is surely great and hence your experience with the company would be world-class.
  • Time: the time which would be taken by the firm to complete each of the repair is going to very less. So if you need to get the work done quickly then the repair body is surely going to help you out.
  • Cost: the cost of each of the repair is going to be very low, so anyone out there could get the repair of his or her car at low prices.

The latest model of Tesla Motors, that is the Tesla Model 3 is a unique and strategic blend of aluminium and steel and when dented, is very hard to repair and clear off the marks. This is because of the aluminium present in the making of the body. Tesla Dent Repair uses the most common method of repairing dents, The Suction Method. In this method, the part that is dented or pushed inside the body of the vehicle due to a possible accident is sucked outside using a heavy duty suction cup or machine. After the suction, generally steel body cars get a clear surface but this is not the case with aluminium because steel has what we call “memory” of where it was and may pop back to its original position, hence proving the elasticity of steel is very high, but this is not the case with aluminium. Aluminium has no memory of what it was before, so it doesn’t just go back to being original. One more problem with dent fixing in Tesla is that even if you have access to the back side of the dent and try to push it from that side, it would not just go back as it is now deformed and might have lines of deformity surrounding are fixed.

Unique selection:

Another problem is the unique selection of the paint job by Tesla. Tesla has a unique selection of body paint, which cannot be found everywhere and in every other body shop. No matter how good the body shop is, they can never guarantee you the exact matching paint. Thus, we need an authorized dent removal service by Tesla to get our dents repaired, which can be quite costly. The Tesla Auto Body Painting provides all these services. Tesla auto body shop also includes an auto body paint shop to restore the original colour and shades of the replaced parts. The advantage of this will be that the auto paint shop will be using the same paint which is used during the manufacturing process. The Tesla auto body paint jobs are carried out by skilled painters who are expert in their field. Tesla auto body paint uses the airbrush method to carry out their jobs. The minor Auto Collision Repairs include Broken Windshield, Smashed Bumper (both rear and front), Paint Chips and Scratches, Door Dents and Fender Dings.

Main aim of body shops:

The main aim of these body shops is to provide premium quality services to Tesla car owners who are a facing a lot of issues in because third-party body shops which are taking as long as 50 days for repairing purposes the key reason being that no major company manufactures Tesla vehicles parts. Ron Art, the owner of repair shop George V. Art& Son said that the goal of the firm is to provide the best quality work at the lowest price possible.

About repair centres:

The company is to open as many as 300 company-owned body shops shortly and save its customers from further hassles and worries. The own in-house Body repair centres have improved its services to a huge extent by providing reduced repair time in the future.

The faults above took longer periods in the past. But the in-house programs will treat the damages and repair times at a faster pace. The Tesla dent repair and Tesla auto collision repair is easy to get operated with lodging a complaint with the website. The same day repair facility by the Tesla owners is an exceptional feature for the customers and the addition of new auto body shops will ascertain no delays. Visit the website and check the new online training programs that have changed the whole process for the convenience of their users. The move is duly appreciated by the users. Become a part of excellence and innovation. No more long waits!